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Many industrial processes depend on hazardous, toxic, carcinogenic or caustic substances that are manufactured, transported and used in factory processes. Their toxic effects can be horrendous including chemical burns, dermatitis, bronchitis, asthma and cancer. Hazardous chemicals are a major cause of death for those involved in industrial processes and whilst safety regulations have been vastly improved recently there are still numerous fatalities from conditions with a long latency period where exposure took place decades ago. The key to avoiding industrial illness caused by hazardous chemicals lies in following established protocols to avoid exposure which often involves extreme safety regimes and protective clothing. It’s not only factory operatives that are at risk but those involved in the transport of hazardous chemicals are often exposed to injury, often due to lack of knowledge of the degree of toxicity of the substance being transported.

Chemical Burns

Apart from illnesses with a long latency period including asbestosis, mesothelioma and cancer, the majority of injuries caused by hazardous chemicals are burns which can occur from exposure to gas, liquid and solids usually in the form of powder. The most severe burns are caused by strong acids or strong alkali which destroys skin and flesh and can cause organ failure resulting in death. Those who survive may well be disfigured with permanent disability and severe emotional trauma. Even relatively innocuous substances, such as cement, when mixed with water will produce a strong alkali that will burn any skin that comes into contact. Those involved in deep cleaning and certain other industrial processes are routinely burned by powerful chemicals. Hazardous chemicals are omnipresent in most industrial processes and those that don’t burn may still cause serious health problems including cancer, skin complaints and chest conditions.

Personal Injury Solicitors

Our solicitors deal with personal injury compensation claims against negligent employers on behalf of employees who have been injured by hazardous chemicals. The regulations place a very high duty of care on employers in this regard and most employees who have been injured by chemicals will succeed in a damages claim against their employer. Even if an employee fails to wear protective clothing that has been supplied by the employer, the employee may still succeed in a personal injury compensation claim on the basis that it is incumbent on the employer to ensure that protective equipment is used under threat of dismissal from employment. If you would like free legal advice, just call the helpline or complete the contact form or email our offices. A qualified solicitor will advise you on the course of action necessary to preserve your right to claim compensation for personal injury. In most cases we will be able to deal with your claim at no cost to you. We pay compensation in full and we do not ask you to fund your claim as it proceeds. If, after talking to us you decide to proceed no further we will not charge you for our advice which is given at no cost and without further obligation. You need to be aware that time limits apply to all personal injury compensation claims.